How long do hemorrhoids last?

This is a question that gets asked by many hemorrhoid sufferers, how long do hemorrhoids last?  It the first question they want to know the answer to because they just want the pain and discomfort to go away.  In fact the correct answer is everyone is different.  Many factors can influence the answer from being pregnant to being overweight and many things in-between

As a fist time hemorrhoid sufferer you are most likely at an advantage over someone who has had them before.  This is because generally the problem will heal quicker in a fist timer as they will be more reactive to treatment and probably less severe.  On average the time it takes is around 3 days, however if you have suffered before then you might be in for a longer duration as they usually will remain for a slightly longer period than the last occurrence, which is a rule of thumb.  Bad cases can last for weeks or even months, especially if the person has left them unattended to begin with hoping they will go away on their own.  Your best move is to take action as soon as you think the problem has arisen.  A treatment plan can be formulated and can start asap which will help in the future too because hemorrhoids are prone after the first time attack as the area has been weakened, therefore the quicker you seek help and treatment the less likely you are to get them again and the area will have a better chance of returning to normal.

Worst case scenario is surgical intervention and is not something you want.  This happens when the case has become so bad that all other treatment options are rendered ineffective.  Yet another reason to act sooner rather than later.  When diagnoses with hemorrhoids the next step is to take some form of treatment to cure the problem, and you have many options available to you.  Over the counter ointments such as witch hazel can be very effective and can be purchased from all good pharmacies.  Internet solutions are forever growing and offer a more discreet service to the problem.  There are some very good cures on the web.  Remember that not every treatment will work on all sufferers which means it might take you a couple before you get what is right for you.

In answer to the original question, how long do hemorrhoids last?  It’s up to you, to quicker you seek medical advice and take action the more chance you have of clearing them up in a timely fashion and help prevent the reoccurrences.

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