Do external hemroids go away?

Generally speaking the answer is yes, but if you are actually asking “do external hemroids go away on their own?” then the answer is no, a least not in 99% of cases.  If you are suffering from this reasonably common ailment then your best solution to curing them is to apply some kind of treatment plan.  For the problem to heal itself, it would have to be a very mild form of the disease and perhaps a first time occurrence as normally they get worse with every occasion.  A hemroid is in fact a swollen and inflamed vein around the anus area and can form both inside and outside of the rectum resulting in two varieties, internal and external.  Severe cases may require surgical intervention.

External hemroids will go away by applying simply treatments such as Witch Hazel or Annusoul which can be bought over the counter in any well stocked pharmacy.  If you don’t wish to make your disease publicly known then try buying a treatment online, there are plenty of options available to you.

The symptoms you can expect to experience from external hemroids are itchiness which can become very severe, a burning sensation around the affected area, pain caused from the swollen lump and possibly bleeding.  These symptoms can bring a lot of discomfort to the sufferer and if you do start having any of these you should really take the time to visit your local doctor who can properly diagnose the condition.

The other form of hemroids you may need to be aware of are the prolapsed kind.  These originally begin life as an internal hemroid and become prolapsed which means they have become so distended they are pushed outside of the anus.  During this process you may also get a strangulated hemroid which is when the sphincter goes into spasm and traps the prolapsed hemroid outside.  Prolapsed hemroids fall into one of four categories which are labelled as follows;

1.    The internal doesn’t become prolapsed and remains as an internal hemroid
2.    It occurs during defecation but retracts on its own accord soon afterwards to its original position.
3.    The same as grade two but they won’t retract on their own and will need manual assistant.
4.    The same as a grade 3 case but manual help will not work, they only treatment is surgery.

The recommended method to make external hemroids go away is to first get the condition diagnosed and then apply a treatment plan, of which your doctor should be able to point you in the right direction.

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