What do hemroids look like?

It hard to describe when people ask what do hemroids look like? what can you relate them to.  Some people say they are like grapes but this really only cover the hemroids that have prolapsed which are internal hemroids that have become visible because they have come out from the anus.  If your reading this then you are on the web which means the easiest thing to do is type the word hemroids into Google and click the image link on the top left.  You will now have plenty of pictures to browse, as horrible as they may look.

Unless your internal hemroids have prolapsed you wouldn’t normally be able to see them unless you had specialist equipment such as an anoscope.  This is the tool that a doctor would use to examine you to find out what your hemroids look like inside before making a decision as to the treatment options.  Generally the internal kind looks fleshy and lumpy and sometimes raw, as they are the most common type known for bleeding.  If they do bleed then you would see the result of this when passing waste and would be visible in the pan as well as on the tissue after wiping.  If you do experience this but haven’t yet been professionally diagnoses then I would suggest you seek medical advice straight away, just in case it is something more serious than hemroids such as cancer, which can be life threatening.

The external variety can come in many shapes and sizes and can range from small bumps to large, grotesque bulges.  Both can cause great discomfort and embarrassment.  If you are experiencing any of these I have described then go and get yourself checked over.  The sooner you do this the sooner you can put a treatment plan into effect and clear up the problem.  Most cases are easily solved by using regular over the counter measures, such as witch hazel.   

If you don’t want the embarrassment of buying over the counter ointments then use the internet, you will find many very good remedies and solutions online.  If your hemroids look like pictures you’ve seen on the web then the likely hood is you have been putting off seeing a doctor.  Make the appointment now and get it sorted.

Dave Pladsten is a hemroids suffer who as put together a website dedicated to giving free information to fellow sufferers to help them cure their hemroids. Below you will find links to more of his work.

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