Coping with Hemmroids

Hemmroids are a common disease that causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Around half of the USA population will experience hemmroids at some time in their life and there is nothing from stopping anyone contracting them. There are two certain types of people that can be more likely to get hemmroids than others, and these are pregnant ladies and people who suffer from obesity. This is generally due the extra pressure they create which can help hemorrhoids to develop.

As a hemmroids sufferer the first thing to do is to book an appointment with your doctor. Although this can be a bit of an embarrassing experience, you really should not put it off as the longer you leave them the worse they can get and the sooner you take action the quicker it will take to clear this problem up. The symptoms that hemmroids can cause range from very mild discomfort through to sever itchiness and possible bleeding. If you do have a problem which creates blood as a symptom the this makes it even more necessary to seek medical help as more serious conditions such as cancer can also produce the same bleeding symptom. Bleeding may occur after you have had a bowel movement; blood might be visible in the toilet, on the tissue paper after wiping or laced in the stools themselves.

There are two main types of hemorrhoids to be aware of and these are internal and external hemorrhoids. It is the internal variety that tend to cause the bleeding symptom although it is not uncommon to get this with external ones as well, although this is generally more known is more advanced cases of external hemorrhoids rather than the smaller ones the early stages produce. The main reason hemorrhoids form is because the veins around the anus become inflamed and swell up, on some occasions the hemorrhoid can become strangulated by the swelling and this cause what is known as a being thrombosed. On a visit to the doctor, he or she will inspect your anus to confirm that what you are suffering from is hemorrhoids and not something else. They will also be able to see what state they are in and suggest possible treatment plans and scenarios.

What to expect at the doctors in the way of examination

This is worth briefly going through so you can prepare yourself for the events a doctor may under take. First of all it is quite likely a digital examination will take place, this is where you are told to undress and either bend over or curl into the foetal position on the bed to make you anus accessible. The exposed area can be visually seen and examined by doing this. As the second part they may use a lubricated and gloved finger to feel for affected areas inside your anus and may last for up to 60 seconds. If further investigation is required for internal hemmroids then an anoscopy may be done. A plastic tube with a light attachment is inserted to make the internal area visible to the doctor, this way a better understanding of the situation can be noted. This is generally associated with bad cases, another reason to get to the surgery asap.

To conclude, you should always get any suspected hemmroid problem checked by a medical professional who can confirm they are just that and not something more serious. The sooner you take this step, the less likely you are to develop a serious case which will only lead to a lot more discomfort and unnecessary embarrassment.

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